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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Melboure Holiday 2018 (Day 9)

Good Morning Day 9!

Jutz photos today : 

At the front of Comfort Inn 
It was a comfortable 1 night stay. Only downside was 1 toilet for all 6 of us.

Road trip begins 

All 6 of us! 

One of the lovely paths 


Another Jump!
Two of the 12 Apostles behind me 

We walked all the way down! 

Twelve Apostles - Port Campbell National Park 

Girls with Ah Kong and Ah Mah 

Love their happy, sisterly moments! 

Verdict?  After all the hype, a tad disappointing actually. We were not exactly bowled over.  Maybe had too high expectations on 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road.

Next stop - Late lunch 

 View from lunch area 


Posing  :-) 

Having fun with more jump shots 

Somehow enjoyed this quiet bay more than 12 Apostles  :-) 

Headed towards Melbourne Airport after that.  Last accommodation for the trip - Discovery Park, less than 30 mins from the airport. Our first time staying at a trailer park and we were pretty fascinated.

Standard cabin for 6 pax 
 1 double bed in main area 

2 double decker beds in the room 

Oh ya, Lola got selected to go on this holiday! 

Happy that they got to eat Maggi noodles for dinner  :-) 

Good night Day 9!


Only 2 photos from Day 10 since we had an early morning flight.  Dropped off the car at the car rental place (it was super cold!) and then took their shuttle van to the airport.

Another awesome holiday!!
And I am finally done with my holiday post.... 3 months after the holiday!  Haha. 


Ai Sakura said...

Did you stay in a trailer in the trailer park? If so it looks like a big trailer!! At least you managed to finish you holiday posts.. I'm so lazy to write on them nowadays. Just came back from Korea so I will try my best to!!


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