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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Melbourne Holiday 2018 ( Day 7)

Oops, more than 2 months already since Melbourne holiday and I'm still not done with the posts.  I better finish it up now before I forget.  (short term memory these days!) \

Day 7 
First stop on Day 7 - Creswick Woolen Mills. 


Erin loves lamb feeding! 

Reminds us of magistrate's wig  ;-) 

Next stop was for hubby at Mills Market. He loves shopping for old stuff! Huge warehouse with second hand items.  I nearly fell asleep here.... !  

Lunch at a shopping center in Wendouree 

We went to Lake Wendouree after that.  Love, love the place!

So peaceful and lovely 
We ended up spending quite some time here.  Kids enjoyed the huge playground.  Adults had chips and enjoyed the view.  Nice! 

At the greenhouse. Flowers were beautiful! 

Kids didn't want to leave the playground. Actually, adults also! 

Walked over to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens after that.

Just love this place! 

Prime Ministers Avenue at the botanical gardens
We sent them on a "mission" to look for a lady prime minister, prime minister with the shortest tenure, first prime minister etc.  They enjoyed it so much! 

Taking a nice stroll at the park 

Went back to cook dinner after that.  Slow and easy for Day 7.  Highlight was definitely Lake Wendouree and Botanical Gardens.

--- End of Day 7 ---


Small Kucing said...

a well spend day 7.

Ai Sakura said...

Your hubby and I will be good friends haha.. I love going to second-hand stores and salvation army haha