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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 8 (last day)

Last day of our holiday today!  *sobs*   Main itinerary is the drive back to Perth airport, return rented car and then take the flight back home.

Last photo of the apartment. Bye Bye apartment!
I like how Jie Jie is helping mei mei with her bag here  :-) 

Snapped this photo of the outdoor swimming pool before getting into the car 
It was too cold to swim in the pool!   Uhm..just an excuse tho.  There was actually a heated indoor swimming pool too, which we never got round to using. 

Kids Playroom
We never got round to using the kids playroom too.  Why?  Gosh, I seriously have no idea! Just a couple of steps away from our apartment unit but somehow never thought of going in.  Grrr!!! Silly, silly.  And we were back at the apartment by 5pm on most days anyway. 

On the way to the airport, hubby decided to make a quick detour to Freemantle

@ Freemantle 

Green Lighthouse 

Couldn't find a parking lot near the bay, so we settled for the park instead.

Our last picnic lunch.  Girls had fun chasing seagulls! 

Headed to the airport after that.  Airport was terrible - the Perth airport was under construction so it was confusing and check in & immigration counter queues were horribly long. Immigration queue snaked all the way down a staircase and it took us almost 2 hours. Grr!  Cargo probably got a little mixed up too cos when we reached KLIA, we waited more than an hour for the stroller (an hour AFTER we got our other bags) together with a couple of others who waited for their wheelchairs/ strollers too.
Ah well, not a great end, but nevermind, it was still a GREAT holiday  :-)

Our Aussie loot
ps : baked beans and pasta shells were from our unfinished pantry supplies. Not purposely bought to be brought back  ;-)

And I'm finally DONE with my Aussie posts..... 2 months after returning. Hehehe. 

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