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Monday, April 13, 2015

Adelaide Holiday -Day 6

Good Morning Day 6!  As usual, made breakfast, packed lunch, got the girls and ourselves ready and out we went....

First stop was a Second Hand Shop at Yankalilla town. We passed by this shop every morning and hubby had been eager to check it out.

Buy-Sell-Exchange Shop @ Yankalilla 
He ended up spending approx 1.5 hours at the shop! Got some vintage plates and some other knick knacks at really good rates. 

We went to a second hand furniture shop after that. They had some lovely furniture (and cheap too!) but too bad we can't bring it home with us.

Posing with a chicken mascot @ the furniture shop :-)

On the road again..

I just can't get enough of the lovely scenery

Spotted and stopped at a Cherry Farm by the roadside :

Fleurieu Cherries
We peeped around but there didn't seem to be anything for visitors. There was a small unmanned stall near the entrance tho. Cherries were not in season but there were apples, pears and plums. We already bought apples from the apple farm the day before so we got pears and plums this time. (AUD 3 per pack, which we dropped into the coin box)
I wished we bought more!  The plums were a slightly better than normal but the pears were absolutely amazing. Super, super juicy and sweet!  Best pears I've ever eaten.

Our planned destination - Wirra Wirra vineyard, for the wine crazed hubs.

Wirra Wirra

There was a group there doing wine tasting, so hubby decided to skip it.

Wooden Barrels

Erin posing with Daddy

Next vineyard - Woodstock

Grinning like a little boy
 So happy to be in vineyards that produces the wine he drinks and occasionally sells.  ;-)

At Woodstock, hubby happily sat at the counter for wine tasting and light conversation with a couple of other guys there. (this fella can talk to anyone!)

While waiting for daddy, the girls had a gala time at this playground. They didn't want to leave even when daddy was done.

Hubby bought a small bottle of "Little Miss Collett" from Woodstock
This is the type I like to drink - light and a little sweet. Loved it!

Hubby got his vineyard fix and so it was time for our late lunch. Drove around a bit and then found a nice spot at a memorial park.

Picnic hut next to a playground

Our late lunch - bacon n egg sandwiches, apple cider, grapes and chips. Oh and the lovely pears and plums from the farm earlier.

More playground fun for the girls
It was a HOT day. Had to slather sunblock on them.  
We did grocery shopping at Coles after that. (we loved grocery shopping so much that we went to either Coles/Woolsworth/Foodlands almost every day. Some items were so cheap like seedless grapes for AUD3 per kg - only RM 9!)  
Then headed back to the apartment. Stopped by a couple of beaches. By this time, both girls were fast asleep in their carseats, so we just got down to take some photos.  
So beautiful!

Back at the apartment, we started packing our stuff since it was our last night at the apartment. Or I should say hubby packed.  After a while, I just took a nice nap  :-)

We all wanted to go to Normanville beach for one last time before leaving. We planned for a nice little picnic by the beach. Hubby even packed along a bottle of wine and wine glasses.

BUT surprisingly it was very cold and windy by the beach. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!  For this trip, we had quite a few of the "expect it to be hot, but it was cold" and "expect it to be cold, but it was hot" moments! 

It was far too windy to even lay out our pinic blanket. Didn't dampen the girls spirits though.


Building Sandcastles
The sand was so fine that it felt like playing with flour

I wasn't expecting the cold, so I was wearing shorts

Love this photo

Just chillin

Goodbye Normanville beach! Our 3rd and final visit for this trip.

Cleaning off sand from our shoes

Back the apartment, we quickly whipped out dinner -

Minced beef, onions, carrots and fresh mushrooms for our pasta

Our last dinner at Links Lady Bay

Some colouring before bedtime


---- End of Day 6 ---

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Stacy said...

Why I would rather migrate to Oz than UK... skies are blue in Oz! Photoes always turn out so nice. In UK skies are grey haha.

Wah nonstop eat bacon.