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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Erin is THREE!

My little Erin is now THREE years old!
For her birthday, we did a simple birthday celebration for her at home. Ordered in pizza and KFC since hubby and I have been busy with the new restaurant. But no matter how busy, I kept up the little tradition of baking a birthday cake for my princess :-)
 Elyssa and Erin hard at work with the cake
(ahem.....making the job 5x slower) 
Didn't take any photos of the food tho (no need to take photo of pizza and chicken, rite?  hehe). But of course grabbed the camera for the birthday song and cake cutting session.
Birthday Song Time

The THREE year old birthday girl had THREE requests for her cake :
1) Minnie Mouse  2) Chocolate  3) Strawberries
So, mummy came up with this-

Oops, slightly blur pic

3 layered chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

Family Photo
Ah Kong & Ah Mah with their seven grandkids
Happy Birthday my little Erin! You love saying "I am THEE years old already.  I BIGGG girl already".  But deep in my heart, you are still my little baby.  I love you, Erin!


mun said...

Happy Birthday to Erin! The cake you baked and decorated is really lovely!

Ai Sakura said...

Happy birthday Erin!! Oh wow~ Your cake looks very professional!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Stacy said...

Wahh cake doesn't look even a bit crooked in the pic... hehe. Heheheheeeeee.

Adrine said...

Mun & Ai - thanks :-)

Chi2 - where got crooked?? hehe.