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Monday, January 20, 2014

Elyssa's First Dental Visit

On the last week of 2013, I did my usual year end thing - use up dental allowance  :-)
Last year, I brought Elyssa along. She sat on the sofa in the treatment area while the dentist worked on my teeth (thus, she saw and heard the whole procedure). This year, I casually told her the day before my appointment that the dentist will check her teeth as well. Surprisingly, she said ok!
Getting her teeth checked
She was so brave! She was a bit scared but still opened her mouth wide for the dentist.
A far cry from her mummy who had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the dentist and who clamped her mouth shut on the dentist chair.  hehe.

Scaling procedure
No cavities at all!  Phew.  Dentist did some light scaling. My mum commented when we got back - why on earth does she need scaling on her milk teeth???  Err.....true also hor. And got charged RM 50 for that.
Another little milestone for my Elyssa!


Ai Sakura said...

such a good girl!! which reminds me that I need to bring Lil Pumpkin to the dentist soon!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Dr. James DeFinnis said...

Wow! She looks really comfortable sitting on that chair. The dentist must have been very comforting for her to be as relaxed as she looked in the pictures. Kudos to you for taking care of her teeth! It takes a great deal of responsibility to make sure our children's teeth are in good condition, and you definitely came through!

Jamie DeFinnis @ Back Mountain Dental

Small Kucing said...

Brave.Not like J . he was scared when go dentist.

Unknown said...

She got through it like a champ! It’s good that she doesn’t have any cavities, although I’m also wondering why she needed scaling. Did the dentist explain to you why he opted to do it?

Smile By Design

Unknown said...

I have to agree wit Dr. James that one must take care of their kid's orthodontic health. A child will be comfortable with the dentist even if it's his first visit, the key to this is trust. If a kid trusts the dentist, then everything will go smoothly just as Elyssa's session.

Chelsea Osborne

Unknown said...

Great job Elyssa. Like you mum, I was not very good on first appointment. Mind you things have changed considerably; to the good. Even today, you mention dentist and my hands sweat. I think it was a smart idea to bring her the previous year so she could see what it was all about and how you handled. Great also - no cavities.

Unknown said...

Elyssa did really well for her first visit. The first visit today is totally different than when we were young. Now you have an office that specializes in kids. They provide the correct environment with nice kids' surroundings, toys, videos,... Staff that is trained on dealing with kids. Props like sunglasses and flavoured tooth paste, and much more. I think it was a great idea to take Elyssa the year before with you. Congrats no cavaities.

Unknown said...

Elyssa did really well for first visit to the dentist. Can you recall yours? I would guess your mother was not present, it was not pleasant, and your mother was not allowed to take pictures - how things changes and sometimes for the better. Elyssa was really brave. Scaling her teeth you would think would make her scared - good for you Elyssa!

Jon Mack said...

The first visit to the dentist is such an adventure. It is funny because I just got a new puppy and it made me remember when our kids were little. Every new thing is amazing. It is such a fun period of time in their life. I am glad you got plenty of pictures to always have first trip memories.

Jon Mack @ Gentle Dental Online

Joanna said...

It sounds like your little one did a great job with her first dentist appointment. My sister took her kids to the dentist recently, and I am pretty sure the youngest did just fine with her appointment. She has been losing her baby teeth as of late, and she is always excited to find out the tooth fairy has paid a visit.

Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist