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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sewing Projects

2 more sewing projects  :)
Project #5 - Curtain Tie Back for Elyssa's Room
We used curtains from our old house but somehow couldn't find the curtain tie backs even after searching high and low! Hubby even went out looking for a simple tie back to buy but couldn't find anything suitable.
I ended up making a simple tie back out of an unused bolster case cover. Added a DIY five petal flower made of Grosgrain Ribbon and done!!!
Elyssa requested to add 3 more flowers (2 purple, 1 pink) but won't that be too much??  But see la...since it's her room, I may just add more flowers for her this weekend.
Next project was a simple dress for Erin. This time, I went fabric hunting again. Drove to Yee Button House in SS2.  They have lovely cotton fabric but at RM45 per metre, I thought it was wayyy too expensive. (since I may end up butchering the dress anyway)
I walked over to Kamdar and was pleasantly surprised to find pretty decent fabric at a fraction of the price. Ended up buying 3 pieces @ RM3+, RM6+ and RM8+ per metre only.  Yay.  Cheap, cheap for my experiments.

Project # 6 - Simple Dress for Erin
Ta da...... my very first dress!!
This is from the RM6+ per metre fabric. I bought a metre but I think I probably used up only a quarter or maybe less. OMG that's less than RM2 for this dress!!!  Ok..mebbe add another RM1 for the ribbon and elastic band.
Super love it!!
Back view of Dress
Ok gotta admit there's rather atrocious uneven sewing around the sleeve area. Really need to improve on that.  But for now, what the heck - my little model doesn't know how to complain yet  ;)  
I've found another simple dress tutorial that I want to try out.  Hopefully will have time to cut out the fabric tonight after Elyssa & Erin sleeps.      : )


Unknown said...

Wahh... well done Adrine! So much "sam gei" and I wonder how you find the time juggling work and two kids and this! Even I can't seem to find time "do extra"... or I'm just lazier... think the tie backs look great (if you taking orders, let me know yea) and extra flowers will make it more "juk" but heck, it's her room! Put a jungle in there, if Elyssa wants it!

Stacy said...

Nice! Can't see myself doing anything crafty work though, heh.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Very nice! Only RM2+ for a pretty homemade dress. Wah, I can almost feel your joy and satisfaction :)

Mummy Moon said...

Very nice dress and I like the fabric very much.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

gorgeous dress and i love it too :)