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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Father's 70th Birthday

Papa turned 70 last weekend!
Earlier on, we asked him whether he wanted a big celebration (few tables at a Chinese sit-down dinner) so that he could invite his friends as well. But he opted for a cosy family dinner instead.

To make it more special, we decided to splurge on an 8 course chinese dinner.  As a birthday gift, we gave him a Samsung Galaxy Tab, since he finally installed Unifi at home last week.  Talk about an IT savvy grandpa eh?

Food was pretty decent.  The usual suspects (photos only of 4 courses) -

4 Seasons Platter

 Roast Pig and Chicken Combo

Sweet Sour Fish

My all time favourite - Braised Mushroom with Broccoli

After dinner, it was time for the birthday song and cake cutting ritual. And as usual, a photo session with the grandkids is a must! 

Getting ready for the photo session takes a little longer each year.  Let's see why :

Ok, Grandkid #1 (Elyssa) and #2 (Erin) ready. 

Wait....#3 (Su Ern) coming

And #4 (Justin) now on Ah Kong's lap

#5 (Jensen) deposited on Ah Mah's lap

#6 (Jo Ern) now here

Roll Call - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.  Yup, all here!  Everybody SMILE !!!!  :)

That's the best group photo I have. Not easy to get a decent photo of everyone.  Love the happy smiles on Ah Kong and Ah Mah tho!

And why was baby Su Ern crying?? Err..... I only noticed that my little Erin was at fault when I looked at my camera pictures -

"I'm bored....this is taking too long. Let me poke Baby Su Ern's eye"

"Still bored. While waiting, let me claw her face"

Oops!!  Baby samseng caught in action!  ;-)

Oh, an added advantage of having a private room (well, except for the "free" karaoke entertainment from the room next to us) was the kids had place to run and dance about :

Dancing session after dinner

Happy 70th Birthday to my beloved Papa !  :-)


Stacy said...

Hoi!! Sue parents of baby samseng!! Got proof of eye-poking and face-clawing hahh!

Love the series of grandkids roll call pics! I didn't get many good photos that night since had to handle Su Ern.

Haiya of all the nice food, your fav is the veg?? Next time I eat all the 4-season/pig/ prawn/fish/dessert and leave you the veg.

Ai Sakura said...

that's a great photo of the grandparents with the little ones! they are so blessed. Happy birthday to your savvy dad :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

ChloeRuoyi said...

Love the funny captions LOL! Happy belated birthday to your dad. He looked so happy with all the grandkids.

Unknown said...

Haha, you got funny captions, hehehehe! Yes, agree with all these small adventurous cannot sit still kids, better to get a room, so no need to eye them like a hawk.

Happy 70th birthday to your papa... He like my father, all the IT savvy grandpas! Better than me.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

What a fun gathering. Happy belated birthday to your dad.

MayChing said...

what lovely photos of happy grandparents and grandkids!