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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rice All Over - Just Like Jie Jie !

3 years ago, I posted these photos of Elyssa eating rice. 

Now I have similar photos of Erin with rice all over!

Take Rice


 And Eat Somemore

Easier Still......just hold plate with the other hand.
What's the fuss mummy?

Didn't have our maid with us during dinner, so anything that can keep her quiet for a few minutes is considered good  :)


Miracles in my life said...

We always have food on the floor especially in the restaurant when ever we leave! Hubs always has to pick up a lot of food from the ground before we leave cause we are embarrassed! Lol

Erin is growing to be such a big girl now! How fast they grow! Do you know what was she allergic to?

Stacy said...

She's more advanced than Jo Ern is!

Leona said...

Must have some trouble picking off all those rice from her pretty clothes!!!

Caterina said...

She definitely have the same appetite as elyssa. i was feeding jensen bread this morning n erin came to me immediately n was slowly moving her mouth to the bread i was holding. (i didn't realise it coz my hands were on my lap n i was talking to jensen). I fed her some n after that she was eating faster than jensen. if it wasn't for her milk time, she would have finish up the bread for jensen. Haha.... so cute..

MeRy said...

Oh no...she is using her hand to eat seems she enjoying alot.

Unknown said...

Rice keeps her occupied and entertained now... wait another 2 years, it'd be Ipad! Hehehe..

Mommy to Chumsy said... cute! yeah i was thinking the same thing too - going to be hard to remove the rice from her face and clothes :)