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Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Months Old

My little baby Erin is now 7 months old.

About Erin:

1. Weight - approx 7.8kg

2. She is still such a smiley good natured baby. BUT she hates having her clothes changed. She cries every time someone changes her clothes be it to pyjamas, short sleeve shirt, oneses, dress etc.

3. Food wise, she is still mainly on milk and cereal. Partially cos she's not too keen on food and partially cos I haven't done much in this area. (I have been far too obsessed with breast feeding!).
I just had a quick look at Elyssa jie jie's 7 month updates and realised I already introduced a rather wide variety of food to Elyssa at this age. Oh no.....mummy needs to buck up!

4. She is starting to crawl on all fours now, rather than creeping. Sometimes she moves quite fast, but sometimes she sticks her butt up really high and then her legs/hands get a little uncoordinated :)

5. She's like a little worm! Won't sit still at all on our laps. She prefers to crawl on the floor rather than being held down.

6. I'm still not too sure whether she can sit on her own - cos everytime she's placed on a sitting down position, she starts crawling immediately.

7. I love it when she smiles!


Unknown said...

Beautiful smile Erin has...
Adrine, GonG Xi Fa Cai
BTW I still waiting for your gift..hehehe...

MeRy said...

cute girl..

Adrine said...

Angeline - oops! u know...i think of you almost everyday these days. Cos in the morning, i tell myself, must send today ;)