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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Preparation for Chinese New Year

Next week is Chinese New Year already! Haven't really done much except for -

1) Chinese New Year hampers (these were made for sale - need to get some side income since I'm now unemployed!) It was pretty fun actually, to source the hamper items and to package them together with hubby. We have upgraded ourselves from beginners to pros :)
Just small scale this round but we are ready for bigger orders next time. Yay!

Some photos. Nice or not?? ;)

RM150 version

RM299 version

More of the RM150 versions

2) I just started some Chinese New Year baking. More to come!

Animal shaped cookies
(First time I used cookie cutters and I found it very, very tedious!!! The dough kept sticking to the cutter so I kept producing deformed animals which I had to re-do. After ensuring I had one container worth, I rolled up the rest of the dough into small round balls, added chocolate rice and dumped them into little paper cups. That was much faster )

Cornflake cookies and the impromptu chocolate rice cookies

Surprisingly, Elyssa was an absolute angel during my two baking sessions. She just played quietly with her own toys (Well about 90% of the time. The remaining 10%, she bugged me a little by standing on a stool next to me and kept asking me lots of questions. But ok lah.... considered good already)

Playing on her own - cooking and feeding her doll
I just LOVE to see her "taking care" of her doll! She talks like me :)


MommyAngel said...

the hamper looks so elegant! well done!

Oh my, you bake all those cookies? so talented!

Happy New year in advance to you dear :)

MeRy said...

The hamper looks great and not to forget on the cookies.....what cookies you bake?

mom2ashley said...

those cookies are making me salivate!

Kristie said...

wow nice! hampers are a good source of income eh? :)

Happy CNY to u!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah your hampers look very professionally done. Do you deliver them as well? Bravo to Elyssa for entertaining herself and letting mummy work in peace :)

the little prince said...

The hamper lools so great!! You make those flower ribbon? So nice!!

Elyssa so clever, not kacau mummy at all!!

Stacy said...

No deformed animals for me TQ. :p

Wah not bad, you been busy. I am aiming to produce cookies this weekend. Hope can jadi!

Irene said...

whoa, ur hampers ada class gitu! and ur cookies... "drool"

Chinneeq said...

really nice eh...u sell the cookies too?

btw, can u tell me where i can get the BIG flower u used on the hamper? very nice eh...

LittleLamb said...

Nice effort. Do look around for hampers ideas...

Unknown said...

wah, so nice... so u make hampers for valentine too??? i tell u what i want, and i tell hubby to call u for "options" and u tell him what to get lar... kekekek... nothing much, jst a blue box

Unknown said...

sorry, kidding. lovely lovely hampers, adrine! your hidden talent? look so nice, don't even wanna open them up.

Mummy Moon said...

Very nice hampers!! Perhaps I can order from you next yr..

Oliveoylz said...

You are truly a multi tasker with multiple talents too! The hamper is lovely. Like your choice of stuff which goes in there...Some of those commercial hampers chuck in stuff which are not really my cup of tea. Packaging looks swell too. Next year you should consider going online.

Adrine said...

MommyAngel - thanks! Yup, baked those cookies. Just followed recipe :) Happy CNY to you too.

MeRy - thanks. so far made cornflake cookies, animal shaped cookies, choc rice cookies and almond cookies. Just one more type and I'm done!

Dinah - he he.. I had to seal all those cookies so hubby won't pinch em!

Kristie - yup, not too bad! Happy CNY to you too.

Chloe's mummy - Yes, includes doorstep delivery. Good service eh?

Little prince mummy - thanks. but no lah... bought those flowers.

Chi2 - ok, will wait for cookie outcome :)

Irene - TQ, TQ !!!! ;)

Chin Nee - no lar..the cookies not for sale. For a beginner like me, do a bit already sooo tired. Will send you the flower details via FB.

Rachel - yup, alwiz got room for improvement! any tips?

Irene - hmm... the little blue box with white ribbon???? that's THE most expensive box ;)
But seriously, if you want any customised hampers, just let me know and I'll be at your service!
and you're right, I never expected I can produce something like that since I'm normally "artistically challenged" ha ha!!

MummyMoon - yup, next year I will promote much earlier. This year plans a bit haywire due to the amnio plus other things.

Oliveoylz - tq for your sweet comments! actually, when I buy stuff for the hamper, I think about what I want to receive :)

Alice Law said...

Gosh, those are beautiful hamper, you are so creative! LOL, it's important to have side income specially in this festive season, well done!

You have a very guai and thoughtful girl, looking at your homemade cookies make me drool~!>_<

slavemom said...

Ooooh, u've been vy busy. Nice hampers! I like the contents too. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...nice hampers. You are really creative.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, i don't know why i missed this post of yours :( the hampers look beautiful. well done! hope you got lots of biz :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nice job Adrine.
The hampers were wrapped very nicely.

I was working in a hamper co before and I know is not easy to wrap hampers with papers, moreover with cloth.