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Monday, December 13, 2010

2 years, 8 months old

Elyssa is now 2 years, 8 months old. Pretty soon, I have to tell her to say "I am 3 years old" instead of "2 and a half years old"!

About Her:

1. Weight - approx 13.6kg
Height -

2. She has been completely off diapers at home for about 2 months now. When she wants to pee, she goes to the potty and takes off her own pants. She still needs help pulling up her pants though. But definitely a big improvement from the early days of potty training when the words "I want to pee pee" had us jumping off our butts as if there's a fire ;)

3. Unfortunately, she is going through a "I don't like daddy" phase. *Sigh*. She likes it when daddy carries her, or tells her a story or when daddy has food (well, she sticks to anyone who has food!), but at other times, she often ignores him or screams when daddy tries to hug her/ change her clothes/ tries to bathe her etc. I'm pretty sure the root cause is that I'm spending more time with her since I've been clearing my annual leave. Given the current change in situation (will be explained later), I will be spending even more time with her, so I'm not sure how to deal with this.

4. She just loves to dance. I must take a video recording of her soon! Her dance steps can be pretty hilarious.

5. I am more "liberal" these days when it comes to not-so-healthy food. This month, she had her first lolipop (given by Body Shop sales girl), first cup of Baskin Robbins chocolate ice-cream all to herself (bought by her pak-pak) and first McDonalds Chicken Burger Happy Meal (I'm solely guilty for this!).
Not sure whether this is connected, but she doesn't seem too keen on her plain milk these days. Maybe she has developed a tastebud for sweeter and tastier things??? Oh no.... I think I'll go back to my "not-so-liberal" mode after all.

1st lollipop
(oh yeah, she always gives me this fake smile when I ask her to smile for the camera)

1st McD Happy Meal

5. She loves pretending to cook. She can spend countless hours pretending to buy food, then cut up food, cook food then feed either us or her soft toys.

6. She still surprises me with new words now and then. Like yesterday in the hospital when I tried to explain to her who are the doctors and who are the nurses. I started with "doctors wear white coats..." and then she interrupted and said "yes, and doctors wear stethoscope around their necks".
Looks like she has been absorbing plenty of new things at my parents house :)

7. She likes to "help" me with the household chores. I guess it makes her feel important! I use inverted commas for the "help" cos it usually means that my chores take a lot longer to complete.

Like the scenario below when she insisted she wanted to help me put the clothes in the washing machine. Looks "helpful" but it involves me : 1) waiting for her to get her little blue stool from the bathroom 2) waiting for her to put the clothes in ONE-BY-ONE. ;)


LittleLamb said...

hmmm something exciting is on the way?

No need to worry about the junk food. Just make sure there is a balance. Btw, PHilip never eaten a burger before. Every mcd meal is the nuggets.

Alice Law said...

Potty trained is nevertheless a big milestone for little one! Wow, it seems daddy and mommy have to buy an extra set of meal for Elyssa now! LOL!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

errmm happy gurl loves it too :)

Stacy said...

Aiyo the fake smile so fake!

Never mind, later you have more time to wait for her to put clothes in one by one... spending time with kids is always more enjoyable if you're not rushing for something.

MayChing said...

i've totally lost the junkfood battle with keira. it started when i was desperate enough to use sweets to bribe her to go to kindy :(

don't like daddy phase is definitely just a phase :)

Mummy Moon said...

High 5!!1 My daughter now is at the phase too : the I don't like daddy !!!

Daddy said...

Ryan is like 'I don't want daddy' when daddy scolds him and 'I don't want mommy' when mommy scolds him. He will run to kakak and said 'Mommy, daddy scolded' when both of us scold him.

leeyen said...

My girl started junk before 1! We let her try whatever she asks for because we don't want to have another child just like her brother who is a greatest picky eater! He does not eat Ice cream and even complains the taste is so bad! Weird!? We are to blame as we didn't introuduce much food to him when he's young! So don't feel guilty about that! :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Way to go, Elyssa..she is progressing very well in potty training. You becoming WAHM soon ah? :P Gwen also wants Mummy to do everything for her..she doesn't want her Papa. I think it's because I'm always with her 24/7. -__-

cre8tone said...

Wow! Help mummy do laundry.. so good girl...