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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekend trip - Pangkor Island

Phew...I finally have time to write again, after neglecting this blog for a while. The past few weeks since I came back from US have been terribly busy and stressful for me - with multiple discussion and presentation sessions with both the local and regional leadership teams. I am just so glad that it's over now!

It didn't help that we had a pre-planned trip to Pangkor Island on the first weekend (it was a long weekend) I was back. Honestly, I would have preferred to just stay at home, sleep and get some work done. But hubby was really looking forward to the trip, so I said yes in the end.

Some pics from the trip :

Elyssa walking along the beach with her spade & bucket set -

Playing with sand for the first time in her life! She was happy as long as she didn't have direct contact with the sand. Similar to the previous time, she cried when I tried to remove her shoes.

Enjoying nen-nen session on the day bed -

Enjoying nen-nen session by the beach :)

I love the view from the room -

Another photo of the view -

As usual Elyssa enjoyed herself during the holiday. She was excited with the boat ride too and kept saying "boat" "boat" ! :)

As for me, hmm.... I had some good times, but would have enjoyed it a lot more if I wasn't so tired and if I didn't have to spend my time drafting out my presentation slides. It didn't help either that our detour to Ipoh on the way back caused us to be stuck in a horrible traffic jam and we reached home exhausted around 9pm on Sunday night...

So in hindsight, hubby we should have postpone our trip hor?? ;)


Julie said...

That was a nice and relaxing trip.

Jonathan too dislike stepping on the sand, even now. I wonder why.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh..looks like the lil missy enjoyed her beach holiday. how nice to drink nen nen while lying on the bench :) it's funny that she loves to play with the sand but doesn't want to step on it :D

Fussy mum said...

Glad that Elyssa enjoyed her beach holiday. When my gal was at Elyssa's age she too didn't like to put her bare feet on the sand.

LittleLamb said...

Nice weekend getaway although ur mind is full of work..heehhehehe oh well when u see the baby happy, we will be happy too right...

Philip still does not like sand..same.

the little prince said...

Nice outing,,,I like the photo on Elyssa nen nen session, so relax ya!! :-)

My boy love the sand so much, may be he has been to the beach more often,,,

Irene said...

ahhh... nice holiday, i miss tat place le. love it there, so calm so nice.

MayChing said...

i want to lie on the lounge chair, stare at the sea and have a nice drink too :) so cute!

Unknown said...

Hey, looks like a nice place. Where did you guys stay? I was thinking of Pangkor or Langkawi besides Kuantan the last trip IF not becoz we wanted to release Tita back to his home-sea, and also of the Hyatt stay (earned one more free night to be used in England... hahahaha)

taking any leave? u deserve your rest!

Mummy Gwen said... again. Elyssa is a big girl now...see the way she hold the sand grown up. CUTE! Wah...nice place you stayed.

Kristie said...

wah love the photos of her enjoying her nen nen by the beach and on the day bed, really knows how to enjoy life hehe.

Which resort was this?

Adrine said...

Julie - Elyssa kept saying that the sand was "eck eck" meaning "dirty". She dislikes dirty things.

Barbara - oh yes, she enjoys all holidays. I guess it's the fun of being a in a new environment.

Ivy - hopefully, Elyssa will grow out of it like Sharlene too.

Rachel - ha hah.... yes, I agree. If elyssa wasn't happy during the trip, I think I would have nagged hubby for dragging me to the trip ;)

Little Prince mummy - so good that he likes the beach!

Irene - hope you enjoyed your trip. I was wondering whether I'll bump into you there or not :)

MC - yeah, really nice place for a nen-nen!

Irene - we stayed at Pangkor Island Resort.
Can redeem for Hyatt in England? Sounds like a good deal!

MummyGwen - I still have 2 more holidays till year end. Watch out for my posts :)

Kristie - lucky kid eh? We stayed at Pangkor Island Resort. Nice hotel with it's own private beach.

2ma said...

elyssa really knows where is the best places to enjoy her milk *haha*