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Saturday, September 12, 2009

1 Year, 5 months old

About her:

1. Weight - approx 11kg
Height- approx 74cm
Number of teeth - 7

2. She has started saying more words lately, though about 90% is still baby talk. Some new words - "No" (last month, she was still shaking her head), "pao pao" ( when she wants to be carried), "duck", "door", "drop", "eat" , "uok uok" (for walk walk), "baa baa" (for sheep), "bubbles", "ah kong".

Although her words are limited, it never ceases to surprise me when she says the right word in the right context. I'm still not really used to this "talking version" of Elyssa. It kinda reminds me of the Enid Blyton storybooks that I used to love- there was this story about a girl being given a life sized walking-talking doll. Ha hahh..... I remember hoping and praying that I'll get my own walking-talking doll too. In a way, I suppose my wish has been granted in the form of Elyssa :)

3. She's still like a perpetual drooling machine although there has been no signs of new teeth for quite a while now. Noticed in her previous Gymboree classes that she was the only one still wearing a bib! *shy* Her bib is on almost all the time. If she's not wearing a bib but she sees one lying around, she'll immediately try to wear it or indicate to us to wear the bib for her. I think she now regards her bib as part of her normal outfit!

4. This greedy gal rejected her very first food item recently - none other than bittergourd. First time we saw her push food out with her tongue! Hubby said we should have bought a lottery ticket that day.

5. She still eats her daily porridge without any seasonings. I read that it's ok to put seasoning after one year old, but it's best to delay as long as possible. We haven't started since she still eats her porridge like a starving kid. Her porridge normally consists of 1 meat item (chicken/pork/fish) and 2 or 3 types of vege (carrot/cabbage/spinach/long beans etc). On weekends, I use anchovies as the "meat" item and add in a egg to compensate.

6. She gets a lot of comments about her dark complexion and flat nose :(
*Sigh* what to do?? (but luckily she has her dimples and big eyes)

7. She's a real tv addict. If we put on cartoons or kids dvd (like Brainy Baby or Sesame Street), she can practically stare at the tv without blinking. We do try to limit her tv time. She doesn't watch much during weekdays at my parents place, but during weekends lazy mummy and daddy tend to rely on the tv as a babysitting tool..


LittleLamb said...

yup....its good if u can delay by not offering flavours/msg/salt, etc.. as long she got complete nutrients , a balance diet..u need not worry.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hmrph..why do people always make all kinds of comments eh? Can't they just smile and be quiet? Annoying eh?

yeah..good that she loves her porridge without any seasoning :)

2ma said...

still drooling?? anyway, she is such a happy gal :)

Unknown said...

my boy has started drooling non stop and putting his fingers in his mouth almost all the time for almost 2 months now, and then we started noticing MOLARS peeping out from his gums!! haha.

Yes, i totally agree with you on no seasoning for babies, even after 1yo. try as long as possible. afterall, ask yourself, are seasoning any good, any nutrients? it's jst a short cut to get the kid to eat more/faster. of course, some say, you won't die from eating a little bit of seasoning. but then... why? jst like... one won't die from smoking one cigarette. sowee... get carried away.. haha.

gymboree, ahh, that reminds me... haha we're still avoiding malls, sigh.

Health Freak Mommy said...

She still eats unseasoned porridge? That's very good. I put in Amino Acid (something like soy sauce) in her porridge once in a while. It's also good that she eats everything, except bitter gourd haha! She's still so chubby!

slavemom said...

If she's not complaining, jes delay putting seasoning for as long as u can. My kids ate bland food till they're 2+ (I think).
hahaha Bib as part of her outfit... good mah. It'll protect her clothes from saliva n food. :)

Adrine said...

Rachel - she does get a little of the "bad" stuff when we eat outside (cos she's on the highchair next to us and we don't want her to create a scene in public) but luckily that's pretty limited since she's usually happy with white rice :)

Barbara - i know, but what to do.. I've gotten a little immune but not fully yet.

Jasmine - yeah, like a leaking tap!

Irene - molars so fast? tot that will be the last to come out.
Hope I can delay seasoning for as long as possible. But I'll probably start on those organic seasoning if I have to.

About the gymboree, I have also stopped due to the H1N1 fear. Even forfeited her last 2 classes. I'm still going to shopping centres (cannot tahan!) but decided to draw a line with Gymboree cos of the inevitable drooling and toy-biting/sucking that kids do !

Shireen - yes, read about the amino acid from your blog. I'll start with that when the time comes.

Slavemum - wow, 2+. that's good.

andrewjune said...

wow, she is not a picky eater unlike my daughter...she is only keen on "season-ed" stuffs!
happy 17 months old to sweet elyssa :-)

Irene said...

she is so chubby! and cute! dont care about what ppl say ler. hard to ignore, but try loh hor...

the little prince said...

me too...still give unseasoned porridge to my boy...but I try to make the porridge most tasteful like adding in dried longan, ikan bilis soup......but cant stop him from taking the salt n msg when we had meal outside! :-)

Justin Ong said...

Helo koh koh and elySsa,
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