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Monday, August 28, 2017

Big Scare No. 2

Erin generally looks up to her jie jie and wants to do things jie jie can do.
But this is one incident that I wished she did not!

Really, really dejavu feeling.... not too long ago, I wrote about Elyssa's fall that caused her to vomit and had temporary blindness.  Link here:

Few months after that, Erin did the same thing!!!  And yup.... I have the photos too.


Blood Pressure Monitoring 

Reason she fell?  Same - ran and fell on wet floor
Symptoms ?  Similar.  Kept vomitting but luckily no issue with vision.
We went to the same hospital.... and guess what. The receptionist was the same (wearing the same sweatshirt), doctor on duty was the same, MRI person was the same.  Haiyoh!  Really dejavu!

But ok, I was glad the outcome was the SAME too. Turned out to be just a scare. She was not admitted but it was still a little scary cos she vomited and complained of being dizzy for the next 2 days.

All fine and dandy after that.  Oh my 2 princesses.... pls WALK CAREFULLY next time ya? 

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