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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hong Kong Family Holiday - Day 3

Day 3
All excited to continue our holiday!
Bright and early at the hotel lobby
MIL with 3 of her grandkids
We took a Tram to "The Peak" 
Then proceeded to have an early Christmas breakfast at The Lookout Restaurant
So beautifully decorated

Our yummy western breakfast

After breakfast, kids walked around the outer area of the restaurant.
It was really c-o-l-d!  
Took some photos at the lookout area 

After coming back from the Peak, we went to Wanchai area. (err...I think.  need to confirm. hehe)

Ding Ding Train

 Famous Egg Tart shop

It was buttery and crumbly. Nice!

Lunch was at Ho Hung Kee
As with all popular restaurants, there was a long wait to get into the restaurant.  Luckily this one didn't involve standing in line. See the numbers on the screen? Queue numbers were given based on small/medium/large tables.
No photos of food at all because Erin REFUSED to step foot inside and insisted only Mummy can carry her. I quickly gulped down some porridge and beef noodles while hubby carried a screaming and struggling girl outside.  *sigh*

After lunch, we walked around a bit.  It was just super-super crowded.  Argh.

Cousins posing with animal characters

We then took the bus (or was it train?) to Stanley Bay. Aaaaahhhh...... much better. Less crowded there.

Stopped by one of the cafes for afternoon tea break


The 4 cousins
SIL with the 3 girls
I think this is a super-cute photo!

 Me and my girls 

Elyssa with her funny pose
We took the ferry back to Hong Kong island.  Then waited awhile to see the nightly Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour.  Nothing great actually.


--End of Day 3 --


Stacy said...

Hmm did Erin enjoy her holiday y'think?

Adrine said...

She enjoyed the parts where there were no crowds and when she got to play with the other girls.

so for her, really not much diff whether it's a local or overseas holiday!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Very free and easy... nice! I'm never good at planning this kind of trips although it's my choice of an ideal holiday :)