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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hong Kong Family Holiday - Day 2

On the morning of Day 2, we met up with my SIL who took a later flight than ours. Yipeee.... our "tour guide" is here!  :-) 
First stop for the day - Dim Sum at the famous Tim Ho Wan 
Some of the food we ordered
BBQ bun, lor bak, steam dumpings, chee cheong fun, siew mai and pork ribs 

Elyssa at the breakfast table  
Verdict?  Food was nice but wasn't so keen on the environment. Had to queue 20 minutes to get in the restaurant and the tables were very close to one another. See the guy in the photo above? Nope, he's not one of us!  His table was like 2 inches away from ours.  Ah well, I suppose that's what to expect from Hong Kong.
Erin guessed it...cranky again. This one is definitely not a good traveler like her jie jie! We realized later that she act ups whenever it's too crowded and/or noisy.
Next agenda for the day was the Ngong Ping Cable Car ride and Tian Tan Giant Buddha:

Elyssa with her ice-cream before we got on the cable car  
Cable car ride
Luckily my SIL bought the tickets in advance. Queues were super long.
In the Cable Car.
Say Cheese!!  View was really nice. 
Hubby (who's afraid of heights) got a little scared tho. hehe.
Me with Elyssa, Erin and Charmaine in the cable car
@ Ngong Ping Village
Could resist taking photo with this cute koala character 
View of the Giant Buddha from afar
Enjoying our drinks
Weather was lovely

Our vegetarian lunch

After lunch, we walked up the stairs to the Giant Buddha.

Elyssa with cousin Chloe jiejie

After that, we took the bus to Tai-O fishing village:

where we saw Life Seafood -

Seafood being up to dry -

 and DRIED Seafood.  hehe

We had a pretty good time walking around this fishing village.  MIL, MIL's sis and I bought our dried scallops, dried mussels, dried cuttlefish, dried prawns etc etc.  Happy, happy :-)
Plenty of interesting things to see too.
 Huge Cuttlefish Snack 

Egg Balls roasted over charcoal fire
I think we had 3 rounds of this. Really good!  

The village had a nice "quaint" feel. (I was going to use the word "authentic" but I know it can't be since it's actually a touristy place!)  We sat down for coffee and snacks at a old style café on stilts overlooking the river.

Service was good - When it got cold, the owner came with blankets for my MIL and her sis.

After our late coffee break, we took the bus back to Kowloon area.  For our dinner, we had the famous Mak Man Kee wonton noodles -

Verdict ?  Hubby wanted his picked green chilli.  hehe.

Then we proceeded next door to the Australian Dairy Company for their steamed milk -

Verdict?  I LOVED it! 
Couldn't decide whether I preferred the cold or hot version.  Both were sooo good.
But it wasn't exactly a peaceful session. Little Miss Cranky wanted to push her stool to another position in the crowded shop. When I tried to stop her, she THREW the stool angrily on the floor.  Aaaarghhh!

Back to hotel and then Zzzzz........


Small Kucing said...

Heard makan plcs in HK usually very small. But food good is ok la.

The cable car hv see through floor right? I will feel scared

Adrine said...

Yes, tables all super small. And strollers must be left outside.

We didn't take the see-tru cable car. Hubby will pass out! hehe.

Stacy said...

Elyssa's such a good poser. JE would completely avoid the camera!

Ai Sakura said...

Ahhh your food makes me want to go to HK again! We haven't been to the see the Big Buddha before so the next time we go, will definitely try to make a trip there.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

ChloeRuoyi said...

Almost everyone who comes back from HK mentions about this Australian Dairy Company. Makes me really curious!