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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Miss Sneaky

Elyssa can be such a sneaky / cunning little girl sometimes.
3 recent scenarios:

Scenario 1 – Ipad
She loves watching utube on the Ipad. One day, she was watching Barbie – Princess and the Popstar music video. 

Me :  When you finish this video, time to stop ok?
Elyssa : OK!  

BUT once the video clip reached almost the end, she used her finger to slide the slider to almost the beginning of the video so could watch again. She did this OVER and OVER.
Me : Elyssa!!  Time to stop!
Elyssa :  But video not yet finish.
Me : ????!!!!! 

Scenario 2 – Time
I was trying to force her to nap in the afternoon. She kept coming into my room every 5 minutes saying she “finish sleeping already” 

Me :  You haven’t even slept at all yet. You must sleep until 4 o clock.
Elyssa : OK!  

5 minutes later (only 3pm) 

Elyssa :  I wake up already.  4 o clock now.
Me : Not yet, see it’s only 3 o clock.
Elyssa :  But that’s YOUR clock.  MY clock is already 4 clock.   You come and see :

 Me : ??????!!!!!! 

 Scenario 3 – Hair Cut
Few months ago, my mum gave a hair cut to all the kids.  

Elyssa : Ah Mah, next time I don’t want you to cut hair for me.  Other people always say “Not Nice” wan.
Ah Mah : ok lor.  

The next round of hair cut:

Elyssa : Ah Mah, I want you to cut my hair.
Ah Mah :  Eh, I thought you said don’t want?  You said not nice wat.
Elyssa : No.  Ah Mah, I said Other People say not nice.  But I didn’t say not nice. I say nice. Ah Mah cut for me ok?
Ah Mah : ?????!!!!!
There are other scenarios as well, where she goes around the issue/ forbidden item. Or she will talk and talk to justify her actions.

Like when I scolded her for not sharing her new toy. (unacceptable behavior). I threaten to never buy new toys for her again bla bla bla.  She talked and talked and finally explained that she didn’t want to share the toy on the first day.  She said after the first day, she will happily share with others. (well, this doesn’t sound so unacceptable eh?) 

All this is sometimes annoying especially when just talks and talks until she comes out with a good reason. But hubby said at least we know this girl can survive in the sneaky corporate world !  


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahhahaha....she's too cute and very witty :)

Stacy said...

Loyar buruk through and through.

MeRy said...

She is so cute..

prince n princess mum said...


Health Freak Mommy said...

Very cute & smart! She knows how to tell the time already? I haven't taught Cass yet, too lazy.

Irene Yew said...

She is funny. Yea, good that she can talk her way out... In Cantonese, hubby like to say, "yau si, king dou mou si