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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Big Bad Wolf Sale

We braved the Big Bad Wolf Sale 2 weekends ago.  
Reached there around 7pm on the first Saturday of the sale. It took quite a while to reach place (when we were almost there, there was a Rela policeman blocking entry to the sliproad. He just asked us to "u-turn kat Petronas" but there were no signs at all when we reached Petronas. Blindly followed a few cars and thankfully they were going to the same place. Phew!)
Once there, we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too crowded -  
We decided to drop Erin off at the play area with our maid (Elyssa was in Singapore that weekend). Not cheap at RM10 per hour. Erin LOVED it though!!  I checked in on her a few times and she was just so engrossed with the play equipment.   
 Without any kids tagging along, we could shop in peace. Yay!! 
Graphic Novels (fancy name for comics!). Hubby's FAVOURITE section.
I think about RM20 each but he said it's sooo cheap cos normally it can go up to RM100.  
The stroller came in handy  :-)

I didn't really go crazy like previous years since I'ld rather use my precious free time to sew rather than to read. And Elyssa's book cabinet is already full of lovely books bought previously. (Popular Warehouse Sale, Big Bookshop Warehouse Sale, Big Bad Wolf Sale, good deals from Book Excess etc etc). Why do I even bother going to this sale???  Err....kiasu I suppose since everyone also went. He he.
Mummy, buy this book for me ok?
Easter Egg Board Book for only RM3  :-) 
Not really clear from the picture above, but the red cones shows the empty payment section. We didn't even had to queue at all. My colleague exclaimed in envy when I showed him the photo.  Why? Cos he went on Friday night around 11pm and had to queue up more than 1.5 hours to pay!!! He said the queue was from the payment counters right up to the END of the huge hall. At around 3+am onwards, no one could even browse for books cos the standing area was occupied by people in the queue. Yikes.  Somemore, just when it was his turn, all the credit card terminals became offline. Double Yikes!
ps: Dress looks familiar?  Yup, that's the dress I made for Erin. She refused to take off the dress after I tried it on for her that morning.    :-)


Stacy said...

Actually RM10 isn't that expensive. The big kiddy play area in 1U is RM20 and the new one Yukids is RM28.

Haiya next time I will ask you to look for Diana Wynne Jones for me!

MeRy said...

Sure lot of books to buy...

Ai Sakura said...

Strollers are definitely so useful when it comes to holding the shopping loot! heehee

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

prince n princess mum said...

Must buy a lot of books fr there!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahaha...i didn't check out this sale at all. Still got some books left from last year that I haven't read :)