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Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Parent-Teacher Meeting

Had our first Parent-Teacher Meeting at Elyssa's school recently. I've previously called up her teacher to check on her progress but this was the first official feedback session. I was excited!

Bringing us to her classroom

Walking down the corridor with daddy

I was pleased that the teachers had good comments about her. (The assistant teacher said she was one of the more outstanding students in class. Wah, mummy super happy! Then hubby said mebbe that's her standard comment to most parents. Hmmph.... could be true also).

But the funny thing that day was the little miss chatterbox was almost completely silent during the visit. When she saw her classmates, she just smiled shyly and refused to say hello to them or tell me their names. Her classmates behaved in the same way too! Ke ke...the teachers commented that it was quite normal as the kids were not used to having parents around in school.

The teacher mentioned that Elyssa could elaborate well in class. Eg, once they learned to read the sentence involving "jam". She happily said "My mummy bought strawberry jam last week from the supermarket, I like to eat jam bla bla bla". ha ha. My typical chatterbox. Of course my next question was whether she talks too much in class!

I also raised a concern about a boy who keeps disturbing her. Apparently a lot of parents complained about the boy whom the teachers described as hyper-active. At that moment, I pitied the poor boy.
(before entering the class, I saw the boy and I was thinking to myself - Wah, you are such a small sized fella, how dare you try to kiss/beat/scold my girl???)

Eating the light refreshments served
Anyway, there were a couple of points I noted that day -

1) I need to sign her small "555" reading notebook daily. Teacher said when she asked Elyssa why mummy didn't sign, Elyssa replied " I asked and asked my mummy to sign. But my mummy always say she's too busy". Ooops!!! Bad mummy!

2) I need to take a passport sized photo for her. The teacher called me once about it before but I thought it was more for admin purposes to fill up their school form. On that day, I realised the photo was pasted on the reading chart, next to the child's name. Again teacher said Elyssa's response was "I told my mummy so many times already" Ooops! Bad, bad mummy!

3) I need to practise reading with Elyssa. I glanced at the reading chart and noted that some of the other kids progress were better than hers. (Kiasu mummy syndrome!)


Kristie said...

wow the school compound looks huge! Elyssa looks so cute in her dress :-)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Don't feel bad coz I am just like you - always tell my girls "wait, wait, wait, later lah" and then forget about it oops! Don't worry about the reading coz Cass does not recognize any words yet (really no time to teach her) :S

Stacy said...

Haha agree somebody needs to start paying attention to details.

Kindy seems really well-managed. If only the whole education system is like that.

Elyssa must be outstanding in terms of talking and speaking out! No way can be below average in these areas.

アンゼエリン said...

Hahaha bad and busy mummy huh? Sometimes we may forget, I totally agreed. Looks like Elyssa is doing great!

Small Kucing said...

opps...mommy got caught :p


Caterina said...

Tot u know bout the buku tiga 5. Tot u saw me signing it before. Anyway u might see a few story books in her bag that will relate the buku tiga 5, the pages or words they read, etc.

Irene said...

555 book for what? Owe money? Haha... or is that like a little message book?

Adrine said...

Cat - I know I need to sign, but I want to go thru the words with her b4 I sign. That can take about 10mins but I often never get round to doing it.

Irene - he he. In Ipoh last time, we had a 555 book for recording money owed to the Rotiman! :)
For her kindy, the 555 is not a message file (there's a separate file for messages) but for new phonics learned that day like "l. ab. lab". I struggle a bit with it cos I still don't know all the phonics. Oops.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So nice, somemore got refreshment for kids.
I should proposed this to Sarah's kindy too:-)