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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally....she said the MAGIC word!!!

Yup, over the weekend she finally said "Mah Mi". Yay!!!!! She had on previous occasions called out "mama" before but only when she was desperate and never upon request. On Friday, she said "Mi" when I pointed to myself and ask "who is this?". Then on Sunday, she progressed to "Mah Mi". ;)

Hubby's over the moon as well, since she also started saying "Dah dee". :)

Other words that she uses -

1. Mah (= grandma)
2. Kong (= grandpa)
3. Ko ko (= cousin Justin)
4. Ku (=my bro)
5. Ka Kak (= bro's maid)
6. Do Wan (for don't want - she uses this word A LOT)
7. No (another favourite word)
8. Ball
9. Dop (for drop)
10. Pat
11. Dog
12. Nen Nen (=milk)
13. Pong Pong (for Pom Pom = bath)
14. EAT (also another favourite word)
15. Neh Mind (for nevermind)
16. Duck
17. Bubble
18. Pee
19. Pao Pao (when she wants to be carried)
20. Baa baa (for sheep)
21. Walk Walk
22. No More
23. Bye Bye
24. Nigh Nigh (Night Night = Goodnight)
25. Fis (Fish)
26. Yea (Yes)
28. Nigh (Nice)
29. Hot Hot
30. Door
31. Gate
32. Sue (Shoe)

I think there are a couple more but that's all I can think of for now. he he... afterall, the most important one to me is "Mah Mi". :)


Wonderful Life said...

i'm sure the magic word melts mummy's heart! :)

Leona said...

Oh...I can imagine her saying all those words with her cute little voice!!! Yey to Mummy!!!

the little prince said...

So happy for you!! Am sure you are waiting another magic word -> Mami, I love u!! Sure melt your heart!! :-)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Yay!!! Those words are just so heart-melting huh?

2ma said...

elyssa is so clever! can say so many words now. am still waiting for shan rae to achieve the same :(

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..finally...very happy for you. Mummy over the moon already hehe. Elyssa can say alot of words too. Clever girl.

MayChing said...


Irene said...

wow, congrats!! that's so wonderful! my william is still not wanting to call, altho there were times he did say, jie jie, or dah (for daddy) and kakak but me? the one who wakes up in the middle of the night to feed him milk, etc ??? he will just laugh and chuckle and purposely say other words whenever i teach him to call MUMMY. well, looks like it's still waiting game for me. as a consolation, ppl say boys are slower in their vocab, and my mom said the same when i could talk before my older brother!!

Fussy mum said...

Awww... so happy for you. Those magic words surely melts your heart :D

slavemom said...

Everytime she calls u, u're on cloud 9, rite? ;)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Good job Elyssa. I feel your joy.... priceless eh?