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Monday, August 10, 2009

Holiday - Genting Highlands

Over the weekend, we went for a short 2D, 1N holiday in Genting Highlands together with my sis and bro-in-law. One of the highlights of the holiday was the DURIAN BUFFET. I was initially not too keen on the idea of a durian buffet since I didn't want to stuff my face with such a fattening fruit. Relented in the end since it was a good promotion (RM25 per pax). And yup.... ended up stuffing my face with the king of fruits. I lost count of how many durians we had, but I think it was about 3 XOs, 1 D24, 1 unidentified and 2 "mau sang wong". Had mangosteens, langsat, fried banana, fried jackfruit and whole coconuts too. Yummy, yummy, yummy ! Of all days, hubby suddenly had gastric and had only 4 "ulas" of durian. Adoi.... 4 in a buffet????? What a waste !

The durian buffet was in a covered carpark with no baby chairs. Luckily there were cucumber, celery & carrot sticks on each table. Elyssa spent most of the time walking around our table while gnawing on her cucumber sticks. Phew! She hardly fussed throughout the 2+ hours we were there. She had a taste of the durians too.

Sis feeding Elyssa durian -

Besides the durian buffet, I wasn't expecting much from this short holiday. I've never really been a big fan of Genting cos it's always crowded. I've always disliked places with too many people. Furthermore, I have no interest in the amusement park or the casino.

But this round, we had a really good time. We enjoyed a side of Genting that we never knew existed. Thanks to my BIL's platinum card, we got to go to the members-only swimming pool and reading lounge area. And thanks to his generosity, we had good meals in nice quiet restaurants. Wah.... what a life.... nice!!!!

Elyssa enjoyed herself too. She normally sweats easily (a lot of baby fat!) so she liked the cool weather. She also loved the space to run around and the swimming pool. Even my mum commented that she was in an exceptionally happy mood the day after the holiday (Monday).

I didn't take many photos throughout the trip. Here's two taken at the lounge area.

Happily running around the fountain -

Admiring the architecture -


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hehehe...she enjoys durians huh? I'm like you...not too keen about Genting. Too crowded and lots of gamblers everywhere :(

MayChing said...

ya i never saw what's so nice abt genting either.. but maybe must find a platinum card holder and go again!

2ma said...

we usually go to genting for day trips only :) didn't know there is a special & super VVIP area

Fussy mum said...

Woooo, durian must be good! Did Elyssa enjoy her durians too?

Adrine said...

Barbara/ Irene - Yes, Elyssa loved the durians. Dare not give her too much tho as I was afraid that it'll be too heaty for her.

MC - I'm sure you'll change your mind (like me) when you see the platinum card area :)

Jasmine - yeah, actually day trips are quite sufficient since the road is so good these days. Only took us 1 hour, door-to-door. Saw from your blog the nice photos at Chin Swee temple. I didn't have time to go there this round, but will do so next time.

Mummy Gwen said...

I can see Elyssa loves durian. :) Once a while we would travel up to Genting too but I really hate the crowd lah.