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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shopping Carts - Dirtier Than You Think

I got a forwarded email from a friend today which really caught my attention. Here are some of the main points from the email about shopping carts/trolleys in supermarkets -

1. Handles of shopping carts in stores are worse than handles of public toilets!!

2. Studies have shown that there are 1 million germs in just one shopping cart handle.

3. Shopping carts are exposed to bacteria and germs via sources such as meat or poultry, children while sitting on carts and other consumers illnesses.

4. Why worse than public toilets? Because toilets are cleaned and disinfected regularly but shopping carts are not. In fact, most supermarkets only clean their carts a few times a year.

5. What should you do? i) wash hands upon completion of shopping and/ or ii) use wet wipes to clean handles before using.

Dirtier than handles of public toilets???? Ewwwww !!! And to think that Elyssa sometimes chew on the handles when I'm not looking. But then again, this study was not done in Malaysia so the comparison might not be so accurate since our public toilets are probably dirtier.
Anyhow, still better to be careful and use wet wipes next time.

On a totally separate note from disgusting shopping trolleys - I thought I might as well post a photo since I'm already writing this entry. This photo was taken the same time as the batch of photos in my previous entry.

Really show's what a "monkey" she can be. Somemore with hair flying everywhere! :)

"I'd better hide my precious "treasure" (water bottle) quick !!"


Merryn said...

hahaha... why she run away like dat? u gonna steal her bottle izit?

i always use wet wipes too. not only for shopping carts, for public baby chair and so many others lah...

Mommy to Chumsy said... fast as lightning eh?

i am one paranoid mommy. i always wipe the handles of the trolley before letting ashley sit on it. guess Giant/Tesco/Carrefour have to pay me for cleaning the trolleys eh? ;)

LittleLamb said...

ya..i heard about the shopping carts. some baby stores now selling a special seat for shopping carts for toddlers...

Mummy Gwen said...

I've received this email sometime ago. Me too..always prepare with wet wipes..hehe. Elyssa can run real fast huh. SO CUTE.

Mummy to QiQi said...

yes, i think true, coz so many hands are holding on it...eewww...

Julie said...

Never realise this until hubby shared this with me. Now must wipe the handle or cover it with a cloth.

andrewjune said...

i always make sure i wash my daughter's hands before leaving the mall...i thk everywhere and everything is "dirty" too hahaha...

the little prince said... are right..I always carry the wet wipes...MUST CLEAN ESPECIALLY before had meal or after play at the playground!!