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Saturday, June 13, 2009

1 Year, 2 Months old

About her -
1. Weight : 10.5 kg
Teeth : 3 at the top with one more peeking out, 2 at the bottom
Food intake : 6oz milk 3 times a day, porridge twice a day.

2. My mum has thought her to sit down whenever she eats or drinks her milk. Surprisingly, she has been very obedient on that. If she walks towards me while drinking and I say "sit down", she'll immediately sit down.

3. She uses her new skill to her advantage though. Whenever she sees someone eating or opening a packet of food, she'll immediately sit down in front of the person and then point to the food. Ha hahh.... smart tactic. Since she's "so good" to sit down like that, we normally give in!!
I still remember one funny incident - my family members were sitting down on the floor while chatting away and passing a packet of food. Elyssa practically "followed" the food !! Each time the packet was passed to someone, she walked to the person then sat down right in front of him/her. Ha hahh!!

4. She seems to be going darker as she gets older : (
She was never really fair in the first place, but not this dark either. It's not like she has been getting more exposure to the sun lately so I guess it's just a natural process.
*Sigh* lately I've been getting comments from others about how dark she is.

5. She surprised us last week when she took my mum's egg beater then proceeded to dribble her red plastic toy apple all over the living area! She has never seen hockey before so it was nice to see her being creative.
She gave me plenty of smiles when I took her photos for this month's update. I can't decide which one I like best, so here's a few more :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

she is such a happy happy child. love her smiles.

andrewjune said...

happy 12 mths old!

did she had a haircut recently?

love her "following" the food whenever you guys passed them over to each other hahaha...rachael also acts that way!
laster elyssa will says mum mum when she sees food :-)

Lybil said...

Aiyoh, love her sweet smile and her dimples!!! *melted*


Jess said...

Hope she 快高长大

From Jess

Fussy mum said...

She's a cheerful lil' girl. Love her sweet smiles :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

i like first photo the best :)

Leona said...

Her teeth seems to be growing more now already.
Haha.. can imagine the incident about the 'passing the food'! She knows how to get what she wants!!!

LittleLamb said...

She is always smiling :)

2ma said...

i love elyssa's signature dimple smile. so pretty! it's so funny of elyssa to "follow" the food *haha* shan rae does that sometimes too

Adrine said...

Barbara - When she is in a good mood, she is very, very happy. But when she's cranky..... alamak, she's quite a handful.

June - You're observant! Yes she had a haircut recently cos her hair was getting to her eyes and hairclips don't last long on her head.

HN - ha hah .."melted".. what a nice word to use!

Jess - err, sorry lah, I'm don't understand chinese. *shy* Btw, I went to your site and your dresses are pretty!

Ivy - I love the smiles too ;)

CN - I like that one the best too. Looks so innocent huh?

Rachel - only when she is in a good mood!

Jasmine - Elyssa can fren-fren with Shan Rae already!

Adrine said...

oops, missed out.

Leona - Yes, more and more teeth. She has bitten me a few times already. Ouch!

slavemom said...

Happy 14 mths old, Elyssa! She has such a sweet smile.

Kristie said...

She is so cute, love her smiles and her dimples! Don't worry abt her skin darkening... looks better right, very atheletic looking mah :)

She sure loves her food to be so obedient!