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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Melbourne Holiday - Aug 2018 (Day 5)

Good morning Day 5!

We had only one big item on our itinerary for the day - get ourselves to Delatite Apartments Merrijig about 3.5 hours away.  The plan was to stay there for the night before heading up to Mount Buller for snow the next morning. Just 4 of us, with my parents opting to stay behind at Sebel Creswick.

Our breakfast fry-up 
Sausages, bacon, eggs and salad 

Sleepy faces at the breakfast table 

Enjoyed breakfast at a leisurely pace since we had more time

I think it was close to 11am by the time we headed out!

Stopped by for coffee at the petrol station
Pretty cheap!  AUD 2 for a large cup of latte

Girls were thrilled when they saw Cup Noodles!  haha
Promo price at AUD 1 per cup.  We got 3 cups and also bought Hungry Jacks burger set to share 

Happy with cup noodles that they normally don't get to eat 

Did a pitstop at Mansfield town as well, to rent our snow gear for the next day.  Went to a few shops to compare prices before settling on Ski Chute 4. (actually, another shop was slightly cheaper but the sales personnel wasn't as helpful). We needed to rent snow chains for the car wheels as well and needed advice on that.

We ended up spending on:
1. Snow suit + Boots for both girls : AUD 35 each
2. Jacket + Snow pants + Boots for hubby : AUD 30
3. Snow pants + Boots for me : AUD 20
4. Tobbagons x 4 : AUD 10 each
5. Snow chains : AUD 25

Expensive affair indeed!!!  Plus we had to buy snow gloves.  AUD 20 each x 3 pairs.

Erin in her snow suit.  
Doesn't she look adorable?? 

Got some groceries at IGA then we headed to Delatite Apartments.

Delatite Apartments
Photo taken the next day.  It was already dark when we arrived. 
We never met any of the apartment staff.  Got the combination lock number via SMS and that was it. 

One queen size bed and one double decker bed
Girls squealed in delight when they saw the double decker! 

Fooling around during dinner.
And yup, Cup noodles again!  (plus soup and roast chicken from IGA).  They couldn't believe their luck in eating cup noodles twice in a day  :-) 

 Monkeys up above

Slept early that night. All ready to wake up early for our snow adventure at Mount Buller!

---End of Day 5---

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Ai Sakura said...

So nice to look through each day of your holiday... Nowadays I'm too busy/lazy to blog.. much less blog about each holiday haha. So far behind!!