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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Photos from Kidzania

For Erin's 6th birthday, her "Ku Jie" asked her what she wanted as a birthday present..... and she chose a trip to Kidzania.  Ku Jie said yes to her little niece and a date was set. The girls were super excited!

Hubby and I were excited too! hehe. Enjoyed some "us time" minus the kids. I went for my Zumba class in the morning, then we went for leisurely lunch and watched Thor at the cinema.  :-)

All photos below sent by their Ku Jie :

Police Girls 

Police duty of carrying cones :-) 

Dentists next 

Torturing the poor "patient" 

Spent some hard earn kidzos on makeup session 

Pump Attendants 


Putting out a fire! 

Spray, spray water 

Wall climbing 

Erin made it to the top and rang the bell! 

Time for some manual labour. 

Window Cleaning 

The girls had a blast! After that, we all met up at Ku Jie's condo together with BIL's family. Went for a quick swim and then dinner after that.  What an exciting Sunday for them.  Erin absolutely loved, loved her birthday present :-) 

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