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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I wish...

These days, Elyssa likes to say stuff like : “I WISH I have a frozen doll”, “I WISH I can go to Genting”. “I wish this ……” I wish I that…..”

Cos she knows if she starts it with “I WANT …….” then mummy starts talking about “you cannot have everything you want, mummy daddy works hard for the money, some children don’t even have a portion of what you have bla bla bla”

I tried this lecture once when she said “I WISH …..” and her immediate response was “ but Mummy, I just said I WISH, I didn’t say I WANT. Its something I wish I can have only but it doesn’t mean I want you to buy for me” and she said it with a sweet smile.

Oh boy, oh boy! I just couldn’t help smiling. She found a way to tell me what she actually wants without actually saying she it!

And her strategy kinda worked.  I just bought a Frozen Elsa doll online for her last night cos I know how much she really wants err…..wishes for it. J 



Small Kucing said...

good job mommy. I wish sound more polite than I want

Stacy said...

Smart girl, this one.

Leona said...

She played her cards right...and got what she wanted! Very clever girl. Knows where is Mummy's weak spot. Wink!

Ai Sakura said...

Yes, we've been telling Lil Pumpkin she cannot say "I want I want" either.. E has found a nice way to let you know! Smart girl :)

mun said...

Elyssa is so clever to use wish instead of want and sometimes mommy can not resist her charms so she gets what she wished for. :D