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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Erin's first ballet class

I brought Erin for a trial ballet class last weekend. She was sooo excited when I let her try on her jie jie's ballerina tutu 2 weeks before her class!
I was a little worried how she would fare in class though. Afterall, this would be her very first formal acticity all by herself. When Elyssa started her ballet class, she already attended Gymboree classes for almost 2 years. Plus Erin's speech is still way behind compared to Elyssa at the same age.
So, when the class started, Elyssa and I watched nervously at the waiting area. (which brought back lovely memories cos it felt like not too long ago, I was at the waiting area watching Elyssa in her class, with baby Erin in my arms)
For the first 10 minutes or so, we were like "oh nooooo!".  Cos Erin sat down together with the others in a circle but stared blanky and didn't follow any of their actions.
For the next activity, the little ballerinas were given big colourful hoops. They were asked to run around with the hoops when music started, and then stop and lift one of their legs up when the music stopped.
It was during this activity that Erin started participating and enjoying herself.  Yay!!!
Running around with her pink hoop
All ready to Hop

Queing up for another round of Hopping

Hugging Activity

Dancing in a Circle

We were so thrilled to see her enjoying her class :-)

When the class ended, I asked Erin whether she wanted to continue classes and her answer was a confident "Yes"!!!! 

In her words :  " I yike (like) my class,  I yike (like) my teacher,  my pwen (friend) talk to me,  All Ewin (Erin) pwen,  I tump (jump) so high!  I wun (run), wun, wun soooo fast.  I yike my class!  Teacher so pweety (pretty), I not ked (scared) teacher.

and she went on and on and on....haha!


Health Freak Mommy said...

The little ballerinas all look so cute in pink tutus! Glad that all went well. Sherilyn recently stopped learning ballet after 5 years. Now she's learning hip hop dance :D

LittleLamb said...

needless to say, sign her up.

Stacy said...

Erin does look nice in that tutu. I noticed recently she has a nice long neck. We thought she had a 'model's body' when she was a baby, maybe it's actually a 'dancer's body'! Definitely encourage her in this.

Ai Sakura said...

aww I love little girls in pink tutus!!!

Small Kucing said...

sign up! :) She would love it

Irene Yew said...

I thought she look so much like Elyssa.

Adrine said...

Shireen - I love girls in pink tutus too! If Sherilyn enjoys her hip hop, then why not. Heard that ballet is a good starting point for all forms of dancing.

Rachel - already did! :-)

Chi2 - keke..your comment brought back memories of me struggling and struggling with breastfeeding last time. Was so worried when I looked at her lanky limbs!

Ai - I agree!

Kathy - signed up and yup, she's loving it.

Irene - huh??? those 2 are opposites like nite and day la. I do get comments like "are they sisters?" haha.