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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Elyssa's view about ....... Killing Snails

What she told me just now:

Elyssa :   When you see a baby snail, don't kill it ok? Because the baby snail is probably looking for the mummy.
Me : Uhmm...ok.
Elyssa  :  Actually, when you see a adult snail, you also don't kill it. Because if you kill the adult snail, then the baby snail cannot find the mummy.
So, if you see any snail, just let it go. Ok?
Me : Ok, princess.

I just couldn't stop myself from smiling.  Absolutely love her view about this  :-)
(And no, I have NOT been on a snail killing spree.  Not really sure what prompted this. hehe)

Aaaaaahh...... the carefree innocence of a kid!


Small Kucing said...

Happy New Year

Really sweet of her. She got a kind heart

Caterina said...

Papa/mama house a lot of snail mah, probably started from there lo

Mommy to Chumsy said... sweet of her. Such a kind little girl :)