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Sunday, July 7, 2013


My latest craze is -- JUICING!!
I bought a second hand Hurom slow juicer about 2 weeks ago, and have been happily juicing almost every day since then.
I started off with pure fruit juices. My first attempt was a combo of apple, orange and pineapple. It was of course, very nice to drink but that wasn't my purpose of getting a slow juicer.  
Pretty soon, I got my veggies in! 
Fruit &Vege Combo - carrots, broccoli (yes, broccoli!), cucumber, turnip, lettuce, orange
Elyssa helping with the juicing
As expected, Erin didn't want to be left out!
Juice from above combo
Both girls gulped down their portion and asked for more :-)
Another Fruit & Vege Combo - carrots, celery, broccoli, organic sweet potato leaves, turnip, green apples and oranges.
Green juice from the combo above.
Hubby and I were pleasantly surprised with the taste but both girls refused to touch it
Here's a more "potent" combo - bitter gourd, carrot, celery, sweet potato leaves, turnip, apple
 Verdict : bitter but drinkable!
 I knew Elyssa won't touch the combo above, so I asked her to pick her own combo of 2 fruits and 2 vege.
She picked this for her personal combo : carrot, sweet potato leaves, orange, apple
She drank it all up !
Didn't take photo of the rest, but so far, I've also added - yellow zucchini, lemon, pomegranate, spinach, guava and Japanese cucumber.
And here's my take after 2 weeks:
a) Adding any leafy greens makes the juice a lot less palatable  :(
b) Thumbs up for carrot, celery, turnip, yellow zucchini and cucumber
c) Adding bittergourd makes the juice bitter (ahbuden!) but lemon helps a lot
On weekdays, I make these juices after work and I'm really glad to add on all these fruits and vege to the daily diet. Once, after being stuck in a particularly horrible traffic jam on the way home, a simple juice of celery and green apple made me feel much better :-)
Oh, I've been making nut milks with my juicer too. There's a lot of negative studies about cows milk (hormone injections, not meant for adult humans bla bla....). A bit worrying since we drink a lot of  cows milk in our household. Not going to go for a drastic change of zero cows milk, but I like the idea of having an alternative milk in my fridge :-)
My first attempt  - creamy, nutty, Almond milk with some added Milo.  Yuh-mee!!  

Cashew nut milk 
Made 3 rounds so far
Really loving my juicing (and nut milk) journey so far :-)


angeline ong said...

Juicing is good. We eventually get more nutrients from those fresh fruits and veges. I like it.

Nat said...

Wow...i like it. Hows the taste?

LittleLamb said...


Irene Yew said...

Wah, so much effort to document this... Salute! I started last year, just dump in vege straight and mixture of fruits (normally green apples) happy juicing!

Ai Sakura said...

OOo so nice! I actually have a juicer but haven't tried anything yet. Too bulky and no space on my counter haha.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

ChloeRuoyi said...

Happy juicing! I've been juicing quite regularly in the past few years. So far, anything and everything is very palatable to me...even with greens or bittergourd as long as you have one sweet fruit in it like red apple. I've never added leafy greens though cos I prefer to eat them whole :)

Stacy said...

Bet your grocery bill has snowballed. :p That's a whole lot of veg/fruit in the containers.

Agnes said...

I used to do a lot of juicing when I first bought my juicer...due to time & space constraint, I can only do my juicing when I do my detox program.

Adrine said...

Angeline - juicing fan too. hi 5!

Nat - if there's no bittergourd or leafy greens, then def nice. Actually, I was initially taken aback at how sweet the fruit juice was.

Rachel - I've got you to thank for this :)

Irene - wish I started earlier too.

Ai - one thing I realise : juicer HAS to be on countertop. If in a box somewhere, most likely it will stay in the box. he he.

HL - wow, few years some more. that's good! I've been advised to try a combo of bittergourd, green apple and lemon. Will try that soon.

Chi2 - yeah got increase, but better on fruits & vege than on chips n other snacks ;-)

Agnes - good for u! I dare not try detox prog yet.

zaxista khan said...

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