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Thursday, February 10, 2011

We are Back !!

In the past 2 weeks, here's what we've been up to -

1) Weekend stay in Genting Highlands as part of hubby's company family day
2) Then some last minute Chinese New Year preparation (more cookie baking!)
3) Followed by the Chinese New Year celebration itself (CNY eve lunch at my in-laws, CNY eve dinner with my family, then two days back in Ipoh)
4) And finally...... a 5D, 4N relaxing holiday in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for hubby, Elyssa and I.

I'm still a little tired, I have 2 unpacked suitcases in my living room, lots of dirty laundry, lots of chores to do, lots of photos to sort out, lots of wonderful memories to pen down......... and I'm not sure what I should start doing next!

Hmmm.....I think I'll start by taking a nap ;)


AngelineBK said...

Not a bad holiday you have. So much fun. Rest more ya. Waiting for u to blog about Ho Chin Minh City.

MeRy said...

Vietnam..I never been there before...
Gong Xi Fatt Chay...

Alice Law said...

Ohhh, can't wait for your update in Ho Chi Minh!

Leona said...

Interesting idea of serving spring rolls on the pineapple!

Looks like a really nice relaxing holiday so far.

Makes me want a holiday too! :p