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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ONE year old

Elyssa is now ONE year old !!

A year ago, I set my eyes on my precious bundle of joy for the first time-

Gosh, she has grown so much since then!

About her:

1. Weight : 10.3kg
New food introduced : chocolate cake (her birthday cake) and durian.

2. She can walk up to 6 or 7 steps before she slams her body on the person she's walking to or plonks her bum bum on the floor.

3. Can climb up the sofa at my house without much effort now. But in my parents place the sofa is a little higher and she can only climb up if there's someone sitting there. (by pulling on the person's clothes and with much huffing and puffing!)

4. Her 3rd teeth is now out, and can see the 4th teeth coming up. Both on the upper gum.

5. She loves books. She'll "read" by herself by pointing to the words and then babble away. And when she wants me to read to her, she'll crawl to my lap and give me the book. If I ignore her, she'll use her hand to take my hand, then use her other hand to place the book in my hand!

6. She still doesn't like to sit in her car seat. We've just turned it to be forward facing but still the same resistance. The only sure way of keeping her in the seat is by giving her milk or biscuits to munch. (but I can't feed her all the time!) At other times, I have to keep giving her toys to play with. If I'm lucky, she can play with a toy for a few minutes. If not, it's just a matter of seconds before she throws it away. Hubby always complains that the car is like a rubbish dump cos I have to keep a big stash of toys/plastic items to keep her entertained.

7. She can identify her own milk bottle. When my mum puts her bottle and Justin ko-ko's bottle side by side, she'll take her own bottle. And surprise, surprise, when it's just Justin's bottle, she won't take it at all. I thought the little greedy girl will take it anyhow.


Kristie said...

wow Elyssa is now a big girl! ever so gorgeous :) Happy 1st birthday to u darling!!!

Lybil said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa !!! Such an adorable little girl :)


Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 1st Birthday Elyssa! She is getting smarter each day. Such a cutie pie!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy first birthday cutie-pie!

Mummy to QiQi said...

wow.....big girl now...happy birthday baby Elyssa :)

Fussy mum said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Elyssa!

Merryn said...

alamax.. so cute! so same da post new born n da current pic! ahahahahah.. how did u get that?!! hapi bday!

Irene Yew said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa! Wow, her motorskills are much faster than William's eventho they are just two weeks apart.

As for durian... suggest you take it easy.

MayChing said...

i feed keira to keep her quiet too! also worry abt feeding her too much.